How To Report Fake Facebook Account

How To Report Fake Facebook Account
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I think every child in India  is very well known about Facebook. What is Facebook?? i don’t have the need to explain here. we all know about Facebook is a most popular site in the world. but unfortunately lots of disadvantages also there are. Facebook users increasing day by day very fast in all over the world not only in India.

On one report in Mar 2016 Facebook now has more than 142 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) users in India.

But there are also lot’s of fake accounts & people’s having double account also. Is Fake Account problem for you?? then find a perfect solution here.

Believe me, if you find a fake profile with your real name, then it may be a sign of serious identity theft. They would have imitated your profile and prepared it for some illegal online activities, or they may even use against you. They will also use to bully you or in other words, Cyber Bullying.

It is not difficult to identify Facebook fake profile, you just have to do a basic checkup. You can report a fake Facebook profile in two cases.

  • 1. You are in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.
  • 2. You are not in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.


Check it! Here a perfect solution:

1.You are on Facebook, and someone is impersonating you:


  • Go to the profile of the fake account
    1. Click on the cover photo and select Report

report fb fake profile

  • and now you’ll get an another popup, there you have to select ‘Report type’
  • Choose any one option out of three.
  • Click Continue to submit your report.



That’s all you have to do. I believe Facebook undoubtedly checks this issue and update you if they need to convey anything.

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2.You are not on Facebook, and someone is impersonating you


it’s the 2nd case if you are not on facebook or you might have quit Facebook for some reason.

But still someone is impersonating you as if you are on Facebook? Then here is how you can deal with it. Just go to this form and fill the required details.

Facebook Profile Form

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  • You have attached the picture of Government-issued ID of the person being impersonated, in this case, that is you. That’s all. Now Facebook will see this issue dearly.


these are the two methods, for reporting fake profile of your friend or anyone you know. here is my suggestion to you, mostly we see girl’s fake profile on Facebook. Believe me, it’s a serious issue about fake profile or uploaded fake pics of others on FB. I will request to all of you please don’t create fake profiles & make sure you are always original. Suppose that you find your fake profile on FB. you should take action as soon as possible.

if you find any difficulty to reporting fake profile, just comment below. we always ready for help you.

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