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Are you struggling to harness the power of twitter for your blog?

You want more followers, more engagement and off course more traffic for your blog content. Isn’t it?

Regardless of whether you’re a big fish or a tiny minnow in the Twitter pond, you can use the following tactics to get more traffic for your content today.



In this article, I offer you  working tips to get more followers on Twitter. I do assume you already have a Twitter account, with a nice user profile description and image.


Tips for Bloggers on How to Use Twitter:

Before you write another Tweet to your Twitter account ask yourself what you want to achieve from Twitter?

  • Do you want to drive traffic to your blogs?
  • Do you want to use it to network with others in your niche?
  • Is it a branding exercise?
  • Do you want to build your profile and perceived expertise in a niche or industry?
  • Do you want to show your readers a more personal side of yourself?
  • Is it more of a social exercise?


Stay Disciplined with Your Objectives:

Decide what you want to tweet about so that people get an idea about what kind of user you are. Yes, Twitting about different things along with hashtags may get you more followers on Twitter. Once you have your Twitter objectives set you need to work towards them. It’s like any goal or resolution that you make – you’ll only achieve what you set out to achieve if your actions match your objectives. This doesn’t mean that you can’t occasionally Tweet things in a way that is outside of your objectives but it does mean that the majority of your tweets probably need to stay on track.

For a business brand, you need to work on specific strategy and share content which will help you to get niche audience and also top niche users. You should talk about interesting thing related to your niche.


What to Tweet:

Keep a decent mix of personal and professional updates. Talk about your brand, what are you doing, share interesting pictures and share links to top articles and from top blogs in your niche. The idea is to increasing interaction to your tweets, and people should not only retweet but quote it. Your tweet should be influential and credible enough, that people will come and love to retweet it.

Ask yourself a second question before you Tweet – ‘is this original and useful to my followers?’ If the answer is yes – publish it. If it’s not – either take a few extra moments to improve your Tweet or consider dropping it.


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Be Active:

how I’ve manged to grow my Twitter followers up to the 1000 mark in just a few weeks. There are numerous reasons but I do think that the number one reason is that I’ve been quite active and using the medium more and more.

The more you Twitter the more chance you’ll get others find you through others replying to you. I’ve noticed the days that I Tweet more than others are the days I get most followers.

one of my biggest problems in the early days was forgetting to Tweet. It wasn’t a natural part of my daily rhythm. So I decided to remind myself by setting aside a few minutes in the mornings and a few minutes in the evenings to specifically use Twitter. I even set alarms in my calendar to remind me.


Right Time to Tweet:

Another tip is to analyze your  Twitter profile & find out the best time to tweet. There are many free & paid tools which scan your follower’s list & based on their activeness; it suggests you the most optimum time to send out a tweet.

For example, I have followers from around the globe but mostly my effective time to send a tweet is in Evening my time. If I tweet at the different time, my tweet doesn’t perform well, and I miss out on Traffic and retweets.

That is why I would recommend you to tweet at peak hours. Try tweeting when you know your friends or other people would be signed in on Twitter.


Ask Questions:

One of the most effective types of Tweets that I’ve done is to ask my followers questions.

Make people interested in re-tweeting you. Ask questions on your Twitter account and see whether people will try to answer them or if you get a response. Try asking questions about trending topics or hot topic in your niche. If you pick the right question, it can greatly increase the interaction on your profile.


Connect with others in your niche:

I want to connect with as many Twitter users as possible – however there are some that I’ve attempted to connect with more than others – simply because they are people who are active in niches that I interact in.

Really this comes back to your objectives – if you want to become known in your niche and build your own profile in it then you need to be interacting with others who are also in that niche. Add yourself as a follower to other key Twitterer users, add value to these people’s conversations, interact with them via direct messaging etc.


Spend time on the platform and build a targeted base of followers. It will work wonders in your blogging journey.

Just to let you know, it doesn’t take a day or week to get thousands of genuine followers but it takes a complete strategic planning, if your target audience is set to Twitter. I hope this tips will help you and if you have any other suggestion which worked for you, feel free to share.

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