How to Delete Your Twitter Account?

How to Delete Your Twitter Account?
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It’s very easy & cheap process to delete your twitter account, if you don’t want to longer with your account. there are lots of reason behind to delete your account. Maybe you were tired of the 140 character limit? Maybe you didn’t like the use of hashtags and trending feature? Or maybe you did not enjoy all those sponsored tweets?

Whatever the reason, it’s time to delete your account. How do you go about deleting your Twitter account? It’s easy. Just follow the steps below.

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Follow the steps:


1.Head to a computer:

For some reason, you can’t deactivate your account using a mobile device. So if you’re on a mobile device now, find a computer.

2.Log in to Twitter from a Computer


Twitter login

  •  login your twitter account only from a desktop. (It must)
  • Type in the username and password you’ve been using to access your Twitter account.


3.Go to “Settings”


  • You can access the settings option by clicking on your profile picture which is located on the top bar of the webpage in the right corner.
  •  You’ll see “settings” in the dropdown menu that appears.


4.Request your archive



  • Once the settings page has opened up, you should scroll down to the bottom.
  • You will find an option called ‘Request your archive’.
  • Requesting your archive is an optional step you can use if you want to save a copy of your tweets. If you opt to request your archive, Twitter will email you a link to download the file.


5.Click “Deactivate my account”


  • it’s the last option in the list.


6.Read the information


  • The page that appears next will give you some important information about what happens when you deactivate your account.
  • It’ll also tell you about situations in which you might not need to deactivate your account, such as if all you wanted to do is change your username or Twitter URL.

7.Enter your password:


  • It’s the big blue button at the bottom.
  • To verify that it’s really you, and that you really want to deactivate your Twitter account, type in your password.


8.That’s it!

Your account will disappear from the site within a few minutes. However, Twitter will hold onto your user information for 30 days. During that time, if you change your mind about leaving Twitter, you can get your account back simply by logging in. After 30 days have elapsed, your account is officially gone for good.


You can always check the official guidelines provided by Twitter to get the necessary help to delete Twitter account completely. Nonetheless, these tips ought to help.


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