10 Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

10 Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch
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Let me start this article with a word of ”Entrepreneur” what you think about this word. Guys this isn’t a normal word like others. its definition is full of differing if you are an entrepreneur then no one can no better than you.

No one ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy. A million obstacles seem to stand in the way each & every day. but you are not an average person: you’re an entrepreneur. that means that even when time is tough, you’re still going to march forward.

Yet the whole entrepreneurship thing becomes overwhelming, take a break & look for some much-needed motivation. And what better way to find inspiration than watching movies.

Movies have always been, and will continue to inspire many people around the world. Movies have the potential to inspire you to no bounds with slick storytelling and background score that gives a boot to get up and start working.

with that in mind, here are 10 movies that every entrepreneur needs to watch:

Top Motivational movies every entrepreneur MUST watch for their dose of inspiration:


#1 Startup.com:

Startup.com is a 2001 documentary film that examines the rise and fall of the real-life startup GovWorks that raised $60 million from Hearst Interactive Media, KKR, the New York Investment Fund, and Sapient.

It’s good viewing to better understand the boom and bust of the dotcom period and serves as a cautionary tale on how friendships can easily be threatened by business partnerships.

Topics covered include finance for entrepreneurs, capital raising, growth management, entrepreneurship skills, team building and management skills.

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#2 The Social Network:

It was no surprise that The Social Network was a blockbuster when it was released in 2010. After all, everyone wanted to see how Mark Zuckerberg became transformed from a Harvard student to launching the most popular social media network in the world.

The film gives viewers a better understanding of how to make a startup succeed by exhibiting such qualities as being flexible and resilient. Every time I watch this movie it motivates me to be a better entrepreneur.


#3 The Wall Street:

Ever find yourself pushed to your limits in the pursuit of power and success? Wall Street unravels this theme through the eyes of Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), an ambitious stockbroker who navigates the economic rollercoaster of Wall Street, adopting the “greed is good” mantra. This movie is a window into corporate finance, portfolio management, investment law principles and capital markets. More telling is the story of a young, susceptible mind, showing how easy it is to get carried away with the glamorous lifestyle that accompanies wealth. Plus, if you thought The Wolf of Wall Street was a bit too much, this movie is a tamer, more socially-critical version.

Don’t sell yourself out just for the sake of money. Remember, being an entrepreneur isn’t just about becoming rich and famous.


#4 Office Space:

This 1999 comedy from Mike Judge focuses on Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), who eventually discovers how much he hates sitting inside a cubicle taking orders from his creepy boss Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Why watch it? Every entrepreneur hates working for someone else and will even sometimes go to extremes to get fired: I’m not condoning that you embezzle, though: it could result in jail time.


#5 Thank You For Smoking:

Thank You For Smoking is the perfect film for a marketing savvy entrepreneur or someone who wants to learn a few tricks on how to sell just about any product. The film tells the story of tobacco industry lobbyist Nick Naylor who creatively spins arguments to defend the cigarette industry in the most challenging of situations. This is a great watch for those wanting to learn a few things about crisis management, corporate communications, PR and negotiation tactics.


#6. 3-idiots:

I think all my Indian friends who lives in India or Abroad had seen 3 Idiots movie till now. If you still not seen this movie then don’t waste time and go for it.

The coming of age comedy-drama film follows the journey of three friends who question the ways of learning and education in a prestigious engineering college. The film questions the regulated study environment and revolves around the challenges these students face when they try to follow their passion, and learn in an innovative and fun way.

The film is distinctive for featuring real inventions by little known people in India’s backyards. The brains behind the innovations were Remya Jose, a student from Kerala, who created the exercise-bicycle/washing-machine; Mohammad Idris, a barber from Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh, who invented a bicycle-powered horse clipper; and Jahangir Painter, a painter from Maharashtra, who made the scooter-powered flour mill. The film questions the idea of students being forced to study in the field their parents want to, in a meaningless routine-bound and regulated way. It also looks beyond classrooms and parents’ expectations and the burdened life students are forced upon. Makes us wonder why so many entrepreneurs were either college drop-outs or bad in academics.

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#7. Pirates of Silicon Valley:

This was a made-for-TV movie released in 1999 that covers the early days of the country’s leading technology hub and the eventual rise of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The documentary-style movie provides an interesting take on the lives of the founders of Microsoft and Apple.

Entrepreneurs are still looking for inspiration from these two iconic “pirates.” It definitely provides pointers to learn from.


#8. Swadesh:

The film revolves around the issues that development throws up at the grassroot level. The film’s protagonist, a bright young scientist working as a project manager in NASA comes to his village, which is heterogeneous, colourful and complex, to find his childhood nanny. The contrast between the highly developed world of NASA, and his world back home in India is seen, and leads to the protagonist’s simple yet meaningful quest to generate electricity for his village.

The film with its tag-line ‘we the people’ gives out a strong message that a country’s strength lies in its people. Addressing numerous burning issues concerning us today, Swades asks that vital question – ‘as responsible and intelligent members of society, what is it that we can do?’ The film teaches us to stick to our roots, and work for a better future, a lesson that entrepreneurs must never forget.

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#9 Rockey:

This is another film that everyone has to watch at least once. Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in this ultimate underdog tale of Rocky Balboa going the distance with boxing heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

Why watch it? Even when the world tells you that you’ll never have a chance to succeed, keep fighting. That competitive spirit can take you a long way. And I dare you to listen to the classic score from Bill Conti and not become motivated.


#10. Chak De India

This sports drama film is about a determined women’s field hockey team which wins the world championship against all odds. Through various conflicts, the film explores religious bigotry, the legacy of the Partition of India, ethnic and regional prejudice, and sexism in contemporary India through field hockey.

The film teaches one to go beyond petty differences and work for the larger goal. Team building, planning, coordination, discipline, hard work, strategy, motivation, goal setting, time and stress management are some of the many skills the film subtly teaches us.


What do you think? Which are the films an entrepreneur must watch? Do add your favorites in the comment section.

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